Power Pause success stories
Living on the edge for two years, almost evicted, electricity
turned off more than once, three months behind on car payments and bills,
bills, bills, Delores Jackson asked for help. I sent her the Power Pause.
After one week of using the Power Pause, Delores had a
songwriter’s contract with a record label and an offer to write the music
for a radio show. She also had a well-paying job, scoring a movie script for
a major player in the music industry.
Delores reports,
These are just a few of the miracles happening in my life since I
began using the Power Pause. Thank you for bringing the Power
Pause to my life.
Want more Power Pause success stories?
• Hattie Pembrook used the Power Pause to change who she was
BEING in the relationship with her husband and transformed that
unhappy alliance into a loving relationship.
• Sherry Jaramillo, after years of suffering frequent migraine headaches,
used the Power Pause to cancel out the emotional stress that had
caused those headaches. Sherry says, “Wow! No more headaches! You
couldn’t possibly imagine how powerful I feel, being back in charge of
my life!”
• Maria Mays says, “Last month was my greatest month ever in my
massage business! I used the Power Pause to visualize what my
business would be like if clients who scheduled massages on a
regular basis filled my schedule. I had been trying for five years to
increase my volume. In just one month of using the Power Pause,
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my business increased by one-third, for my best month ever. I’m
truly grateful for the Power Pause!”
Miracles? No, these seeming miracles are the natural result of
what happens when we make the BEING commitment that moves us past
our barriers to Success. What powerful spiritual principle makes the Power
Pause such a great transformational tool? This truth: We become what we
think about with passion.
The Power Pause, by design, changes who you are being relative to
whatever you perceive to be a problem and the problem simply dissolves
and disappears.
The intent of BEING is to show you how to transform yourself
into being the person who can have whatever you want in life. The Power
Pause is a great tool for transforming yourself; however, it is only one of
the nine transformation steps necessary to having the life you’ve always
One cannot alter a condition
with the same mind set that created it in the first place.
–Albert Einstein

The truth about having what you’ve always wanted is that you
won’t have it as long as you insist on being who you are now. You’re
being deprived of that want by another spiritual law, the Law of
Correspondence, which says that you can only have from life that which
belongs to you by right of consciousness.
But if you can change who you’re BEING, this same law will
provide you with everything that belongs with your new BEING choice.
So, if you’re ready to consider a change in who you are BEING so you can
have the life you want, I’m ready to show you the way. Are you ready for
a quality of life change?
Your concept of reality
If you have a concept of reality (everybody does), you live in a
box. Everyone lives in a box! Everything belonging in that box is already
there. Everything you want from life that you don’t have is outside the
box. The odds are that you will never get to have what you want from life,
simply because your wants are not powerful enough to overcome the
insecurity of being outside the box.
Armed with what you learn from this book, you WILL overcome
your insecurities. I will give you a sure-fire way out of your box so that
you WILL have what you want from life. But before I do that, let me show
you what a box looks like.
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An erroneous conclusion
As a prosperity coach, I often smile and play an imaginary violin
when someone tells me his or her sad victim story. When he or she gets
over being offended by my lack of sympathy, we laugh together and then
get serious about solving the problem. The following was once my own
victim story (my box).
When I was four years old, I idolized my oldest brother; in fact,
you might say I worshiped him. One morning when he left for school, I
followed him. Four blocks from home, he noticed that I was following him
and he chased me all the way home, angry that I was making him late for
Feeling hurt and sorry for myself, I pouted for a while and then
decided I would never be hurt again! As a result of that obviously
insignificant and meaningless incident in my life, I came to the absurd
conclusion that nobody loved me. And then, to make matters worse, I
compounded my error in judgment by deciding that I didn’t need anyone.
(Talk about dumb conclusions!)
Although no real basis existed for my erroneous conclusion, that
decision controlled much of my life for many years to come. So, while
growing up, whenever anyone tried to hug me, I pushed him or her away.
A loving hug did not fit the victim role I had chosen to play. If you are
feeling sorry for me, you’ve missed the point. By now, you should be
playing your own imaginary victim-story violin.
But that was my box, my story, and at first glance, you may not
relate my victim story to your own. I suggest you look again. I’m saying
that you could have anything you want from life if you were not rejecting
it the same way I was rejecting love. If you are lacking anything—
anything at all—you live in a self-limiting box that prevents you from
having your wants fulfilled.
When it’s their victim story
The best thing about a victim story is that you can easily see how
the other person caused his or her problem. And in most cases you could
offer an easy solution (a way out of the box) if only that person were
willing to give up being a victim. The light bulb goes on (ah ha!) when you
suddenly realize that they’re telling your story! I want you to get that this
IS your story! A different tune, different characters, different
circumstances, but the same plot!
I’ve shared my victim’s story so that you can see the lack of love
in my life for what it was—ridiculous, self-inflicted poverty. My situation
could be likened to someone dying of thirst while swimming in a lake of
drinkable water. Love was there for me, but I would not or could not allow
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myself to partake of it as long as I maintained my nobody-loves-me
attitude. Does this ring any bells for you?
During all those early years of feeling unloved and sorry for
myself, I could have solved my problem at any moment with a simple
change of attitude and/or perspective. Can you see how that would have
worked for me? Then you must see that a change of perspective could
solve your problem or fulfill your need as well. I’ll be showing you how
you can make that viewpoint change.
How does this story relate to you?
If there is anything you lack that you feel would make your life
whole and complete if you had it, then you are poor—not as poverty’s
victim, but because you reject riches in that form, just as I once rejected
love. If you are not rich in ALL aspects of your life—if you feel that you
lack love, self-confidence, money, or anything else—it’s because being
rich in that aspect of your life does not fit your concept of reality. It’s
outside the box for you.
Poverty or abundance in any form is a state of mind (a state of
BEING), not the state of your love life, your relationships or your
finances. With the message I’m bringing you in this book, I intend to take
away your victim story and change your mind about the reason for your
poverty. In fact, you probably have a dozen reasons you could give me,
right now, for why you are poor in some way. None of your reasons are
any more valid than my silly excuse for lacking love!
If rich is a four-letter word
If you’ve always thought of “rich” as a four-letter word, you were
right. But if you are somehow turned off by the word, your prejudice
against it may prevent you from hearing me. That would be a shame,
because when I use the term “rich”, I’m not just talking about the money
you have or don’t have.
I can name a great number of ways that you can be rich, and most
of them are a great deal more important than having lots of money. As you
read this book, I want you to think about being rich in terms of whatever
you most need in your life. Think of what your life would be like if you
were rich in self-worth, self-esteem, love, friends, good health, a good job,
or even money.
Try to think of yourself as “rich” in consciousness in a way that
attracts an abundance of whatever you thought you were lacking.
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Rich is not about what you have
If you think wanting the good life makes you greedy, if you think
poverty is next to Godliness, if you think becoming rich is a non-spiritual
journey, I have news for you: being rich is not about what you have; it’s
about who you are. This doesn’t mean that having money or any other kind
of wealth makes you spiritually enlightened; what it does mean is that you
can’t go from poverty to riches without a change in consciousness.
Your spiritual journey through life is about discovering who you
are. Allowing yourself to have that better life you’ve always wanted is part
of the self-discovery process. BEING financially independent will be one
of the side benefits in your spiritual journey toward self-discovery.
The most common error you can make when thinking about
becoming rich is to assume that having money, or whatever else you lack,
would make you rich. The exact opposite is the truth. You must be rich in
consciousness before you can have the riches you want—before you can
have love, money or anything else in abundance.
If you already had all the money you could possibly spend, your
wealth would only be the consequence, not the root cause, of your
becoming rich. That’s because BEING rich is not about what you have;
it’s about who you are. Well, who are you, really? You are a spiritual
BEING experiencing reality in a material world. And it is because you are
a spiritual BEING that you have the power to choose the reality of your
dreams. I intend to prove that, but not just yet.
Poverty is not about what you DON’T have
Another common notion concerning money is that a lack of it
makes one poor. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When you are
poor in any aspect of your life, it is not your lack of wealth that keeps you
from having more of what you want; it’s your way of thinking about what
you lack that perpetuates your poverty.
For instance, if you made up your mind to increase your income,
right now, how would you plan to earn it? Take on another job? Work
more hours? Are these solutions acceptable? No? They are not acceptable,
because your trading-hours-for-dollars earning strategy has you trapped in
a set of assumptions about how money is earned—a reality concept that
won’t let you be financially rich. Your way out of the box will require a
paradigm shift away from those presumptions toward an earning strategy
that would allow you to receive income from sources other than hourly
Your lack of wealth is just the natural end result of a mind-set that
cancels out any possibility of wealth accumulation. The poor have a
negative polarity when it comes to attracting money; it just naturally flows
away from them. Have you not wondered why?
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Quite the opposite is true of the wealthy. Like a magnet attracts
metal filings, wealthy people attract money. Being poor was never about
the money you didn’t have; it has always been about who you are.
What would your life be like if you changed your polarity to one
that attracted abundance? Take time to imagine who you would be
BEING if money were no longer a problem…. Feel free to substitute
whatever fills your need in place of the word “money” in any sentence.
If I Could Show You
So, what if I could show you a way to change your mind-set from
one that repels money to one that would attract money and make you rich;
would you be interested? Sure you would!
Or, then again, maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you’ve decided
against becoming wealthy. (In fact, if this were not true—think about it—
wouldn’t you already be rich?) The reasons you give yourself for why you
are not rich is the stand you’ve taken against becoming rich! If you are not
wealthy, you will be defending your decision to remain poor AS YOU READ
THIS. If you don’t believe me, stop and listen to your mind chatter!
But before you take (re-take) your stand against becoming rich,
let’s agree on what we mean by the terms “rich” and “poor.” Once we’re
on the same page, you can take your position, one way or the other. The
important thing, now, is that you “get” that you had a choice in the matter
of being rich or poor. And when you rethink the term “rich” as meaning
“rich in consciousness,” you will see how becoming rich through a change
in consciousness is, in fact, a spiritual journey.
Defining Rich or Poor
Although rich is about who you are, not about what you have,
what you have is truly a measure of who you are.
“Ye shall know them by their fruits. “
–Mathew 7.16
So, let’s use what you have (or don’t have) in your life as our
gauge for defining “rich” and “poor.”
I say you are rich when you have everything you think you need to
make your life whole and complete and that you are poor when something
you want from life is missing. Think about it! When using this broad a
measure for defining rich and poor, most of us could not back up our claim
to be “already rich.”
If you thought money was the only possible measure for riches,
you have been mistaken. A great many things in life are more important
than having money, including spiritual growth, health, self-love and self-
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confidence, just to name a few. If you lack any of these, or anything else,
having money won’t make you rich or happy.
Only a few would qualify
For example, even if you had Bill Gates’ money, you would not
qualify as “rich” if you didn’t love yourself; and if your life was filled with
loving relationships, but you were struggling to pay your bills, you could
not honestly claim to be rich.
If you’ve been telling yourself that you are “already rich,” you
may change your mind after doing the following Rich/Poor Exercise. Your
“I’m-already-rich” story may have kept you from seeing that you were not
as rich as you thought in some other areas in your life. You might even
find that you are better off than you thought.
Almost without exception, we each lack something we think we
need to make our lives whole and complete. It doesn’t matter whether that
lack is of love, health, or financial independence, lack in any form points
to a need for further spiritual growth. More than anything else, most of us
lack the spiritual awareness that would allow us to know who we really
Anyway, if you want to know where you most need to grow,
complete the following exercise. On a scale of 10 to 1, rate yourself in
each of the following areas of your life, with “10” being the best and “1”
being the worst.
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What Did You Learn About Yourself?
So, in doing this exercise, have you learned something about
yourself you didn’t know before? Are you richer or poorer than you
If you lack anything in life that would make your life whole and
complete if you had it, you are poor—not as a victim of that lack, but
because you haven’t found yourself worthy of having it. You are poor only
because being rich in that way does not fit your current concept of reality.
Poverty in any form is a state of mind,
not the state of your circumstances.
–Darel Rutherford
If you scored poorly in any of the categories in this exercise, you
will need to admit to yourself that you are poor in that way. What you
want from life is outside your box, and so is the growth in consciousness
that would allow you to know who you are and have what you want. So, if
there’s anything missing from your life, now is the time to acknowledge
that lack and to make up your mind to deal with it.
So how about it? Are you ready for the BEING commitment that
would actually solve your problem? If so, affirm the following:
I am now ready to give up my victim story and choose out
of poverty! As of this moment, I choose to be rich in . . . . (whatever
you scored lowest)
Poor again!
Even those who seem to have it all will become dissatisfied with
their lot in life from time to time. In that moment of discontent, they
become poor again.
Russell Conwell, in his great little book, Acres of Diamonds, tells
the true story of a very prosperous farmer who was rich because he had
everything a man could possibly want in life. He had a loving wife, two
beautiful, loving daughters, and servants to tend the livestock and care for
his needs. This farmer led a very happy and contented life (he was a rich
man) until someone suggested that he could buy a kingdom and put his
daughters on the throne if he owned a diamond mine.
In that moment, the farmer became so obsessed with the desire to
own a diamond mine that he could think of nothing else. In that split
second, his contentment flew out the window, and he became a poor man.
In this sad tale, the farmer sold his farm and went off in search of
the diamond mine he would never find. The irony in this true story is that
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the Anaconda Diamond Mine, the richest in the whole world, was
discovered on this farmer’s property, sold so he could afford to go off in
his search for a diamond mine.
Diamonds by the handful were picked from the stream bed that
flowed through this man’s farm, first noticed because they lay there in
plain sight, sparkling in the sun light.
This farmer made two serious mistakes:
1. He thought owning a diamond mine would make him rich; he
didn’t know that rich is about who you are, not about what you
2. He gave up everything a man could possibly want in life to go
looking for what he could have found in his own back yard!
The moral to this story
The lesson to be learned from this story is that, you too, will find
acres of diamonds in your own backyard if you know what you’re looking
for. Want a clue? You’re looking for your inner power. The joke is that
what you are looking for, you are looking with!
The diamond mine you seek, the real riches you search for in life,
won’t be found in the material wealth you accumulate, but in your spiritual
growth—in who you will become in the process of making up your mind
that you’re worthy of being materially rich. Your diamond mine
(becoming rich in all aspects of your life) only seems to be about having
what you want; the real riches will be found in knowing who you really
Once you can see your lack of wealth as a reflection of what you
are, it must become apparent to you that you could be rich by changing
who you’re BEING relative to whatever it is that you lack. If it’s sufficient
income you lack, you can be rich by changing the way you relate to
money. So, how do you do that? How does one go about changing who
they are BEING?
First, you’ll need to realize that you’re boxed in by a reality
concept (a Belief System) that’s keeping you poor. Then you’ll need
powerful motivation for coming out of that box. The first step toward
changing who you are (coming out of your box) is to acknowledge what’s
missing in your life. The second most important step out of your box is in
choosing to BE the one who HAS what you’ve been missing.
The gap between wanting and choosing
Unless you’re above average in grit and personal power, you
probably won’t have the determination it takes to choose out of your box.
I’m saying this to challenge you, because I’ve noticed that most of those
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who say they want out of their box never actually choose out. I suspect
they got stuck in wanting because they didn’t know the difference between
wanting and choosing.
Wanting is what you do from inside the box—the box that is
keeping from HAVING what you want. Choosing out of your box is a
brave new step that most won’t take, because it’s outside their comfort
Crossing the gap between wanting and choosing
requires a giant leap of faith in yourself. –Darel Rutherford
If you want something that’s outside the box, you need to ask yourself a
couple of questions:
1. If I am shown the way out of my box, will my desire for what I
want be great enough to move me to choose?
2. Will I actually have the courage to take that step?
In the Rich/Poor exercise, you probably discovered that you are
not rich in some areas of your life. In some ways, that’s not good, because
before you knew you were poor, you could blissfully say, “I’m already
rich,” conning yourself into believing that you were. But now you KNOW
otherwise. Knowing you’re poor wouldn’t be sad if it weren’t for the fact
that you’ll likely do nothing about it. Why do I say that?
In a recent survey, the Internal Revenue Service reported that 85%
of all U.S. citizens will retire without sufficient income to live comfortably
for the rest of their lives. In my book, that’s poor! Think about it! You
could end up being one of the 85% who retire poor, unless you make up
your mind (right now) that you won’t be one of THEM.
You can start by understanding why these people never bridged
the gap between wanting and choosing.
What happened to their dream?
The world is filled with people who want things they’ll never have
simply because they never actually chose to BE the one who would have
Did they want to retire poor? I doubt it! I’m sure those people
didn’t want their lives to end in poverty. Each and every one of them, at
some point in his or her life, had a dream of some day, perhaps, living that
better life. But that someday never came. So, what went wrong? The
problem: he or she never got past the wanting to the choosing.
In fact, every one of these people had reasons why they couldn’t
choose. Each had a natural resistance to choosing a new reality. And
because they were totally unaware of that powerful, built-in resistance to
change, none of them were equipped to deal with it.
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Before you can choose that better life and succeed in having it,
you will need to know how to overcome that resistance. You’ll learn more
about getting past the resistance in the next chapter.
A lottery mentality
The once popular TV game show, Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire?, helped a great many people acquire what I call a “lottery
Hoping to win the lottery, as Earl Nightingale once said, is like
“waiting for your ship to come in when you didn’t send one out.” And if
you were like most lottery winners, even if you won, you wouldn’t have
the consciousness that would allow you to keep the million dollars for
long. Why do I say this? Those who make a business of tracking winners
say that a large percentage of lottery winners end up broke in two years or
less. Why? They didn’t have a millionaire’s consciousness to match their
good fortune.
If you have a sincere desire to become a millionaire, you can be,
and I will show you the path you must take to get there. But becoming
wealthy is not about hoping to win a lot of money; it’s about CHOOSING
to BE a millionaire.
It worked for me
There was a time in my life when I believed that knowing what
you wanted was the only key to having it.
After reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and putting
his thinking-your-way-to-riches philosophy to work in my life, I had this
amazing experience; whenever I decided I wanted something, it became
almost automatically mine. And because wanting always turned into
having for me, I came to the conclusion that knowing what you want from
life was the key to having it. But I was wrong! I was unconsciously taking
a step that most people leave out. What do you suppose that step was?
The world is full of people who don’t know what they want. They
haven’t given themselves permission to want, because they don’t know
who they really are. And since they don’t know what they want, they don’t
And then there are also those who know what they want, but can’t
The missing step
Knowing that you want to be rich won’t make you rich, because
unless you take the most important step in the becoming-rich process—
that of CHOOSING to BE rich—it will never happen.
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When you don’t know what you want from life,
you’ll end up getting what you want… nothing!
–Darel Rutherford
In researching my first book, So, Why Aren’t You Rich?, I soon
came to realize that the only real difference between the rich and the poor
was that the rich had chosen to be rich and the poor had chosen not to be.
Life really is that simple—it’s about choice! Whatever you want from life
will be yours, but only IF you can want it with a passion and then come up
with the self-worth that will allow you to choose it.
Just a matter of choice
About three months after reading Hill’s book, I came to the
conclusion that becoming a millionaire was just a matter of choice, and I
chose! To get the significance of this choice, you need to be able to see the
difference between having a million dollars and BEING a millionaire.
When you choose to BE a millionaire, you become the magnet that attracts
millions. The BEING must always come before the HAVING. I didn’t just
decide that I wanted to have a million dollars, I chose to BE A
MILLIONAIRE. I set no time limit on reaching that goal and never
became obsessed with the idea. In fact, I actually forgot about it.
I committed to the image of myself BEING a millionaire, totally
believed in it, accepted that as my reality, and promptly forgot to keep
thinking consciously about it. In fact, I became so engrossed in the
managing of my growing business, I didn’t really think much about my
millionaire goal until almost two years later.
When I finally remembered that I had chosen to be a millionaire, I
decided it was time to check the score. I was already half way toward my
second million!
Are you impressed that I’m a millionaire? Don’t be! Be impressed
with the idea that becoming a millionaire is just a matter of choice! You
see, I’m not a millionaire because I’m smarter than you. I had no special
education; I had no special advantages to start with, no money to invest.
The only difference between you and me is that I chose to be a millionaire
and you didn’t. It really is that simple.
What can you learn from this?
Conclusion: Becoming a millionaire is just a matter of choice!
Believe me. If I could choose and have it happen, so can you! If I’ve
convinced you, now would be a good time for your affirmation:
I don’t need to know HOW it will happen;
All I need do is choose, so I choose. I will BE a millionaire!
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If the idea of becoming a millionaire is too rich for your blood,
make the affirmation, but substitute whatever BEING statement suits you
at the moment. You could choose to BE rich, abundant, happy, healthy,
self-confident, or whatever, just as long as your new BEING choice takes
you outside your comfort zone.
In the following chapters you’ll learn;
• Why you are not already rich in all ways.
• How to come to know what you really want from life.
• Why becoming rich is a BEING choice.
• Why a BEING change will be the solution to all your problems.
• How to create the burning desire that will motivate your new BEING
• How to become a magnet that attracts money.
• Why most people never make it past the mind set that keeps them
• How to use the Power Pause as the way past your resistance to
becoming rich.

© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com
…your way out of the box
Improving the quality of your life
will require a change in who you are BEING.
–Darel Rutherford
You can avoid their mistakes
About 40% of my prosperity workshop participants doubled their
incomes in the year of their participation. Sounds good, until you begin to
wonder—what happened to the 60% who failed to accomplish that
According to the IRS report I referred to in the last chapter, about
15% of us will retire rich enough to live comfortably in retirement. Maybe
that’s good news, but I don’t think so. The negative side of those statistics
tells a very sad story. While living in the richest nation in the world, 85%
of us will retire poor. Why?
If you’re wise, you’ll want to learn the reason for their failure so
that you can avoid their mistakes and, perhaps, retire rich instead of poor.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

So here are their four biggest mistakes:
1. They failed because they thought wanting was the same as choosing.
They just never got around to the point of choosing to BE the one who
could have what they wanted from life.
2. They failed because they were not aware that having what they wanted
would require a change in who they were BEING.
3. They failed because they were not aware of, and therefore unable to
deal with, their own built-in resistance to that attempted BEING
4. They failed because their desire for that change was not powerful
enough to overcome ego’s resistance to change.
What you want from life that you don’t already have
can only be found outside your box.
–Darel Rutherford
Wanting without choosing is a trap
I want you to see how easy it is to get stuck in the trap of wanting
something you will never have. Once you’ve identified with the condition
of lack, (unless you choose out of it), you almost automatically become the
one who will not have what you wanted. This is because almost every
decision we make in life is actually a BEING choice. By wanting and not
choosing, you’ve actually chosen to BE the one who will NOT have what
you want.
This is the trap into which many fall. We knew what we wanted,
but when it came time to choose it, we chose not to choose. It never
dawned on us that choosing not to choose is choosing not to have. If you
are not rich, it’s because when the time came for choosing, you didn’t
choose to be.
The power to choose whom you will BE is a far greater power
than you ever imagined. What you may not know is that once you’ve
chosen, everything that belongs with that choice will become available to
you. You must still choose it, but now it’s there for you, when it seemed
not to be before. By failing to realize that you used your power of choice
even when you choose not to choose, you become the victim of your
unconscious choices.
Wanting it and not choosing it
is choosing not to have it.
–Darel Rutherford
When you don’t know what you want
Some workshop participants fizzle out in the goal-setting process
because they don’t really know what they want. This “not knowing” is
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their ego not wanting them to know, because it sees goal setting as a threat
to its survival. Your ego (your concept of self) knows that having what you
want means changing who you are. You need to know that your ego is
dead set against that change.
In most prosperity workshops I have taught, close to half of the
room dozed off during goal-setting sessions. This was because their ego
took them out of harm’s way by putting them to sleep. Goal setting, a
brave new step out of your box, is contrary to your ego’s desire to
maintain the status quo.
To have it, you must BE it
You have been given the power, the power to make a new BEING
choice. Your job in life is to learn to use that power wisely. Once you’ve
chosen abundance over poverty, a spiritual law, the Law of
Correspondence, takes over to bring within your reach everything that
belongs to you by right of your new BEING choice.
It’s not magic; it’s that law. But don’t say “I’m a millionaire,” snap
your fingers, and expect to be spending your million the next day.
Choosing to be a millionaire, metaphorically speaking, is like choosing to
go to New York from Los Angeles. Having made the decision to go, you
won’t magically appear in New York. You’ll be figuring out the best way
to get yourself there. If you’re driving, you’ll find your destination on a
map, and plot the best course for getting yourself there. On the way, you’ll
find that there are some detours and direction choices you must make—
decisions you will make with your destination always in mind.
Once you’ve chosen to be a millionaire, you must work at being
and becoming the one who feels worthy of having what just naturally
comes with BEING a millionaire.
You’ve taken the first step out of your box by choosing to be more
than you were, but choosing out is only the beginning. Now you must
work at playing out the role; that’s the becoming part of being. Most
people fizzle out during the becoming process. Let me explain why they
Why they fail after they’ve chosen
When you understand why most people fail, your chances for
success will improve exponentially. They fail for two reasons:
1. Their desire for the change was not powerful enough to overcome
their ego’s very powerful, built-in resistance to change.
2. And since they were not aware of that resistance, they were not
prepared to deal with it.
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That resistance comes from what I call ego. I would define ego as:

our self-concept, functioning in and as
our individualized adaptation to our perception of reality.
In other words, your ego is your concept of self, acting out the role in
life that seems to best fit your current concept of reality.
The fact that you and I have an ego will come as no surprise to you,
but you may not have noticed just how determined your ego is to resist any
change you try to make in the status quo. Your ego feels that it must keep
everything the way it is if it is to survive. It sees a change in your point of
view about life as a serious threat to its survival; it will resist any
attempted change with all of its considerable might.
Your ego is quite aware of the fact that changing the way you relate to
money, or anything else, will change who you are, and that self-image
change is what it must avoid if your old image of self is to survive. Your
ego’s mission in life is:
the survival of its being whoever it perceives itself to be.
–Werner Erhard
A grand and glorious experience
Your ego fears change, because changing who you are BEING, for
the ego, is like dying in order to be reborn into a new reality. It is only
natural that the ego would do everything within its power to avoid dying.
Of course, being reborn into a new way of life, like a caterpillar
being reborn as a butterfly, is a grand and glorious experience. But your
ego doesn’t see it that way. Your ego sees change as the death of who you
are being. Your ego hopes you never discover that your lack of abundance
is simply a consequence of your BEING choice. Your ego hides this truth,
because it does not want you making a new choice. It doesn’t want you
changing who you are.
If, after reading this far, you are considering the possibility of
becoming rich, you must accept the fact that your ego will do everything
within its power to block your attempt! And if that IRS report is correct,
about 85% of the egos in the U.S. will succeed in blocking the attempted
change in consciousness.
Unless you’re determined
Changing what you have in life is as simple as changing your
mind about which you will be, rich or poor. But because of your ego’s
resistance; your change of mind will be a little more complicated than it
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appears on the surface. Changing your self-concept is a little like planting
a seed.
You can’t plant a tomato seed today and pluck ripe tomatoes from
the vine tomorrow. You must water that seed and nurture it for a few
months before you can reap the harvest. And if you decide to become a
millionaire today, you won’t be spending the money tomorrow. Becoming
rich is a being and becoming process that can only begin in earnest
AFTER your ego has bought into the new program.
An example of wanting without choosing
When I was a kid, I learned to play the harmonica. I played by ear,
couldn’t read a note of music, but I loved making music and thought that,
one day, I would learn to play the piano. So a few years ago, I bought one
of those electronic keyboards with the intention of teaching myself to read
music and play the piano. But I never became the piano player I said I
wanted to be.
I learned to pick out a few tunes and enjoyed the playing for a
while, but I didn’t follow through with learning to read music. There are
several reasons for my failure to learn. First of all, my heart wasn’t in the
practice. The desire was there, but not the commitment. I wanted the
enjoyment of playing, but I hadn’t actually chosen to BE a piano player. I
had made a DOING choice, not a BEING choice, and because I lacked the
necessary commitment, my want was never fulfilled. My desire to be a
piano player was simply not great enough to overcome my resistance to a
BEING change.
Why we make and break resolutions
I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences. How many New Year’s
resolutions have you broken in your lifetime? Unless you’re way above
average in determination and will power, probably quite a few. We make
and break resolutions, because changing what we do would require a
BEING shift—a transformation in consciousness. We fail because our ego
does not want us being transformed!
What you want from life is the bait that will, hopefully, motivate
your choosing out of your box, but having it won’t be your real gain. Your
growth in consciousness will be the most important benefit of your coming
out. Each trip out of the box empowers you, bringing you a little closer to
knowing who you really are. The real purpose of your life is selfdiscovery,
and that can only happen if we can get you outside the box.
Every trip out of your box becomes a transformation in consciousness—if
you can make it out to stay.
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Transformation, a 21 day process
In Chapter Eight of this book, you will find the formula for a
transformation. With this process, you will easily transform yourself into
BEING the one who will have what you want from life. The change in
your thinking habits, a transformation in consciousness, should take about
21 days to complete—that’s according to Maxwell Maltz in his book,
But I’ve learned, from conducting prosperity workshops for over
35 years, that about 60% of those who begin the transformation process
never finish. They fail, because they don’t make it past their ego’s
resistance. In Chapter Ten, you will find the Power Pause solution to that
When the ego takes on the new reality
Your powerful ego is “in charge” of your life most of the time (it
maintains the box you call reality). But during the self-discovery process,
you will come to realize that you are much more than an ego—much more
than you know. Even so, if you are to transform the quality of your life,
your ego—the one in charge of maintaining the status quo—must finally
come to accept your new vision as the new reality, or you will surely fail
in the attempt.
The tool for enlisting your ego in the support of your new vision is
called the Power Pause, a transformational tool that will get you past your
ego’s first line of defense and set you free of your box. You’ll learn how to
use the Power Pause in Chapter Ten.
When the transformation is successful, your ego will take over the
job of defending the new reality as it has the old one. In short, before you
can have what you want from life, you must BE the one to whom it
belongs. Once ego is recruited into the support of the new reality, you’re
practically home free. The purpose of this book is to show you how you
can put your ego to work on making your dream BE your reality.
You’ve learned that most hopefuls who want a better life will end
up retiring poor. They live in a box, a concept of reality, that has them
believing that there’s no way out. There is a way out, but they haven’t
found it! If you want your life to change for the better, you must make up
your mind that you WILL NOT retire poor; you must choose out of your
box—rebel against your poverty!
The key to having what you want from life is a transformation in
consciousness. I’ve offered this solution to workshop participants for
years. And for all of those years, I’ve been frustrated by the high
percentage of participants who did not follow through to complete the
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transformation process. They wanted riches, but never quite made it out of
the box to stay and be rich.
You live in a box, and I’m offering you the way out, right here, right
now. But first, let’s review the reasons why most people fail when
attempting to improve the quality of their lives.
• With the power to choose who they will be, most people become a
victim of their own poor choices; they’ve staked their claim on
poverty, instead of riches. They don’t know who they are and haven’t
discovered their power of choice.
• They fail, because they’re locked into their own victim story, without a
clue that they’re poor because they’ve chosen not to be rich.
• They’ve left out the number-one step in the becoming-rich process,
that of choosing to be rich. They never chose to BE the one who would
have the life they wanted.
• Because they don’t know who they are, they don’t know what they
want. And since they don’t know what they want, they can’t choose
anything different from what they have now. It’s a “catch 22.”
• They’ve made the mistake of believing that wanting and choosing
were one and the same. They’ve never gotten past wanting that better
life to choosing it.
• No one told them they’d need a transformation in consciousness in
order to have what they wanted.
• No one told them their ego would resist that transformation. Some
chose that better life, totally unaware of this powerful ego resistance to
change. Consequently, their dreams were shot down with ego’s “yeah
buts,” and “what ifs.”
• Most of all, they failed for lack of a burning desire for the change they
• They failed because no one told them they’d need a support group to
reinforce and encourage them in making it past their weaker moments.
You’ll learn more about setting up your support group in Chapter
Those are the reasons for most people’s failure to become rich. Now,
let’s talk about the nine steps you MUST take if you are to overcome those
reasons for your failing to become rich.
The Nine Steps
1. Rediscover your personal power, the power of choice
In the next chapter, you will see why the true purpose of life is
self-discovery. In the process of discovering your power to
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choose, you will learn who you really are. You will come to see
that you have the power of the Universe behind your ability to
make BEING choices. You will understand why I can promise you
that the Universe will provide whatever belongs in the reality that
goes with your new BEING choice.
2. Accepting that you chose what you have
In order to have that better life you’ve always wanted, you must
change your mind about who you are. But you can’t get from
where you are now to where want to be, until you know from
where you’re starting. Knowing how you came to be where you
are now is the first step in the process. To exit your box you must,
first, admit that you chose the victim role you now play. You will
be stuck in that box for as long as you continue to defend your
reasons for being stuck!
3. Knowing what you really want
Knowing what you want from life is the third step in the
transformation process, and it’s obviously the most essential
ingredient to making a new choice in life. A greater sense of
personal power comes from finally knowing who you really are,
and that level of awareness gives you back something you’ve
temporarily lost—the power to choose. Once you reconnect with
your power of choice, you will know what you want. Just be aware
that knowing what you want won’t get it for you. Another step
must be taken first.
4. Develop a burning desire.
Workshop participants, who succeeded in doubling their incomes,
had a burning desire to become financially independent. Those
who failed to accomplish their income-doubling mission lacked
the necessary burning desire. In Chapter Seven, you will learn how
to develop a simple want into a burning desire and then to fan that
flame until it’s white-hot.
5. Choosing to BE the one
The next and most important step in the direction of having what
you want from life, the one most wannabes leave out, is in
choosing to BE the one who will have it. When your burning
desire has you wanting it so bad you can taste it, you will cancel
out your poverty by CHOOSING to be rich. It is in your
commitment to BE that you find the real power behind the power
of choice! Some are transformed in the instant of making this
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commitment. Others may need the next step to complete the
6. Transforming yourself
The key to having what you want in life is a transformation in
consciousness. Quite simply, this means: a change of mind about
who you are and how you will relate to the circumstances in your
perceived reality. This sounds like a big deal, but it’s really not.
Transformation is a simple process that takes thirty minutes a day
for about 21 days. In Chapter Nine, you will be given the formula
for transforming yourself into BEING the one who will have what
you want. The process is guaranteed to work if you complete the
exercise as directed.
7. Understanding the resistance
Chapter Ten will show you how failing to understand ego’s
resistance to change can put you back in your box. Most people
fail in the attempt to change the quality of their lives because they
didn’t really understand just how determined their egos would be
to resist that change. But once you understand and learn how to
deal with the resistance, you will easily find your way past it.
8. Overcoming the resistance
Most of the ego’s resistance comes in the form of mind chatter—
it’s that little voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you
why a change in your lifestyle couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t
happen. It’s probably talking to you right now, telling you to drop
this book and run for the nearest exit! In Chapter Eleven, I will
introduce to you the Power Pause, a perfect tool for replacing
ego’s mind chatter with your vision of your new and prosperous
9. Forming a support group
To transform yourself into “being” the one who can have what you
want from life, your ego must die and be reborn into your new
identity. During the dying process, the ego goes through the
emotional crisis of detaching itself from the old reality. During
this period of emotional upset, when the ego is trying its best to
survive, about 60% of those who start the transformation process
will give up on their dream and fail to follow through for the full
21 days.
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To get you through this stressful period, I will show you
how to form the support group that will take you past those
moments when fear has you wanting to crawl back into your box.
My name for a support group is “Powerpact.” You’ll learn about
support groups in Chapter Twelve.
If there’s anything you lack that would make your life whole and
complete, a BEING change will solve that problem. The nine steps
necessary to that transformation will be explained in detail in the balance
of this book.
Most self-help books are based on the premise that what you have
makes you who you are. They offer DO HAVE BE as the order of the
creative process. They have the order backwards. The truth is that you
won’t DO what they suggest unless you can, first, BE whomever you
would need to be to do those successful things naturally. DO is not the first
step in the becoming rich process. In fact, DO HAVE BE just doesn’t
work. The correct order of creation for mankind is BE DO HAVE.
Who you are determines what you can have; that means you can
only have what you want by changing who you are. The Game of Life is
set up with this purpose: that you discover who you really are. That
mission, for you, can be accomplished only through your growing in
consciousness—through your coming out of your box from time to time to
become more than you were.
The key to having what you want is your transformation in
consciousness. The purpose of this book is to lead you, step by step,
through the nine steps of the transformation process so that you will have
what you want.
Until one is Committed
If you are to follow the steps of the transformation process through
to completion, you’ll need to understand the importance of being totally
The difference between wanting something and having it is in the
choosing. But sometimes those who think they’ve chosen haven’t really
done so; they lack the total commitment necessary for having it happen.
What they haven’t realized is that choosing to have something you want is
actually a BEING choice.
In order to BE the one who will have what you want, you must
give up BEING the one who doesn’t have it. This requires a
transformation in consciousness, which probably won’t happen without a
commitment powerful enough to override the ego’s resistance. Because
they lack the necessary commitment, 60% will fizzle out in their attempt to
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change the quality of their lives. (At least, this was the ratio of failure back
when I was seriously keeping track.)
W.H. Murray, in his book, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition,
had this to say about commitment:
He wrote:
Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw
back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and
creation), there is one element of truth, the ignorance of which kills
countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely
commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to
help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of
events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of
unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man
would have dreamt would have come his way. I have learned deep respect
for one of Goethe’s couplets:

Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Providence takes over when you make a committed choice for a
new way of BEING.
Taking charge of your thinking
Don’t try to turn back the clock;
just wind it up again.
The greatest truth you could learn about life is:
we become what we think about.
Knowing this should inspire you to take charge of your thinking,
to change the context, and then the content of your life. In the next chapter,
you will learn why we become what we think about.
The second greatest truth is:
what you have in life is a direct result of a BEING choice.
Knowing that, you should be able to see that you could change
what you have by changing who you are BEING.
In fact, what you learn in Chapter Three will change your mind
forever about who you are.
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…what that really means
God, as man, in man, is man
–Science of Mind Textbook
Ernest Holmes
What happens if you don’t know the rules
On a vacant lot one block from our home, my brother Bob
played baseball for the first time. All he knew about the game was that you
were supposed to hit the ball and run. On his first time up to bat, he hit a
home run. The other players on his team yelled, “Run, Bob—run home!”
And he did—all the way home.
I smile every time I think about that. Bob made this mistake
because he didn’t know the rules of the game. But what if life was a game
and you didn’t know the game’s purpose or its rules? You wouldn’t be
touching all the bases either, would you? If that was the case, what would
be the odds against your winning the game, and would you be able to
laugh about not winning?
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Well, be prepared to laugh at yourself, because life is a
cosmic joke, and the joke is on you. You see, life IS a game and
you’re probably playing it without knowing the game’s rules or its
purpose. I’d say that’s a pretty large handicap.
But if you did know life was a game, had learned the rules, and
understood the game’s true purpose, you would be miles ahead of those
who didn’t know what you knew. What you learn from reading this book
will make you a sure winner in the Game of Life, but only if you’re really
ready to be a winner.
Those who win big
Have you ever noticed that those who win big in the Game of Life
play it like they had nothing to lose? What if I could show you how to
change your self-concept and your perception of reality so that you could
play from the powerful position of knowing that life was a game and you
had nothing to lose? Would that interest you?
Your stake in the game of life is your self-concept,
not the stuff you hoped to win or feared you might lose.
–Darel Rutherford
Those who win big at the Game of Life know that the chips on the
table, like Monopoly money, have no real value compared to who they are
being and becoming as they fearlessly play the game. Helen Keller
obviously understood that when she said,
Life is either a daring adventure or it’s nothing!
To win at the Game of Life will require a change in the way you
perceive reality—a change in your self-concept. This may sound like a big
deal, but it’s really not. Changing your self-concept is as simple as
changing your attitude or your point of view about life. For example:
changing your reality concerning wealth is nothing more difficult than
changing your mind about how you will relate to money. I’ll show you
how later.
The Game of Life is set up so that you will have whatever you
want as soon as you grow tall enough to claim it for yourself. And growing
taller fulfills the game’s purpose. This truth is based on a spiritual law that
says you can have from life only that which belongs to you by right of
consciousness. You will see why this is true when I share the following
story of how you and I came to be playing this Game of Life without a
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clue that it was a game. By the way, you’ve heard this story before and
weren’t paying attention.
How the game got started
One day, God became bored and decided to play a game. Before long He
realized that playing a game by oneself isn’t that much fun. He solved that
problem by creating gods who would play the game with Him.
He created those gods in His own image and likeness, and he
called his creation mankind (see, told you you’d heard this story before).
Then God, AS MAN, proceeded to play the game, and once again, the
playing just wasn’t much fun. The problem with playing a game as a god
is that you couldn’t lose, and if you couldn’t lose, the game wouldn’t be a
To make the game interesting, God had man forget that he is a
god. He said, “Now, he’ll play, thinking he has something to lose. His fear
of losing his life, his dignity, his job, or anything else he values should
make the game fun.”
“Man will play the Game of Life with the power of a god who
doesn’t know he has the power. Man will create his own reality, becoming
a victim of those circumstances, without a clue that he is the creator of his
own chaos. Playing the game under these new rules should make the
playing a great deal more exciting and very interesting.” Notice that this
game plan makes your life and mine a cosmic joke.
Guess what that makes you
You’ve heard different versions of this story many times over. If
you haven’t accepted the reality of the presence of God in you, you were
not really listening. If you had been paying attention, thinking it through,
you would have already realized that being made “in the image and
likeness of God” makes you an individualization of God.
This doesn’t make you God any more than a drop of water is the
ocean, but that drop of water has all the same attributes as the ocean. As an
individualization of God, you have the same attributes as your creator in
your own sphere of life, with creative powers you haven’t begun to
imagine or use wisely.
The first of the nine steps out of your box
…was to find your personal power, the power of choice. I said I would
show you that you have the power of the Universe behind your ability to
choose who you will be. You may or may not appreciate this interpretation
of scripture which, by the way, reads:
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So, God created man in His own image,
in the image of God created He him;
male and female created He them
–Genesis 2:27 KJV
I’ve just reminded you that you have power by pointing out the
source of your power—I say reminded you, because you’ve heard this
truth over and over again, in one form or another all your life. Up until
now, you’ve chosen to ignore it, because having God-like powers to use in
your daily life hasn’t fit your concept of reality. Your ego doesn’t want
you to learn how powerful you really are, because that knowledge would
destroy the illusion that you are a victim of your circumstances. Isn’t it
time you gave up your powerlessness in favor of finding your power?
A clue:
You will discover your power by proving it to yourself!
You can ignore your power, denying that you have it, but you
can’t make that power go away. You’ve been using it all your life,
choosing who you will be, being and becoming that choice, yet totally
unaware that you have this great power.
One of the strangest attributes of this power is that sometimes it
works by seeming not to work. Those who seem to have no power have
used that power to create their own powerlessness. The helpless got that
way by choosing to BE victims, powerless to help themselves.
A paradigm shift?
For years, we’ve been flirting with, but avoiding direct reference
to, the idea of God, in man, as man, because the subject was perhaps too
profound a truth—too far outside our belief system. But now, in checking
self-help best-seller lists, I find, almost without exception, the words
“spiritual” or “soul” in the titles.
It seems obvious to me that the world is ready for the paradigm
shift in consciousness that will allow humankind to finally experience the
spiritual truth in BEING human.
You are a human BEING, created in the image and likeness of
God, with the God-given power to make BEING choices. At some level of
consciousness, you know who you are; at another level, you are resisting
that knowing. The time has come for you to acknowledge your power and
put it to work to your advantage. It’s time you played the game, knowing
who you really are.
Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind, author of the Science
of Mind textbook, said it this way:
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God as man, in man, is man.
The value in being discontented
The soul of God is poured into the world
through the thoughts of men
–Ralph Waldo Emerson
The idea that God experiences Himself in and through you as you
may rattle your cage a little or a lot, depending on your current belief
system. The Game of Life is set up so that you gradually become aware of
the presence of God in you, as you. You will find this internal power by
using it to create a better life for yourself. You will find your power within
yourself, but you will make that discovery only in the process of choosing
out of your box.
Your purpose in life is to discover your power, and that discovery
can only happen outside the box. The discontent you feel over current
circumstances is your invitation to use your hidden power—to choose out
of your box!
Until you’ve proven your power to yourself by demonstrating it,
your new relationship to God will be merely an intellectual understanding.
To really know this truth for yourself, you must experience it—proving it
to yourself in being and becoming more than you were.
The power to create your own reality
As a human Being, you have the power to BE—the power to
create your own reality and the power to choose whom you will be in that
reality. What you may not have realized is that once you choose, the
Universe WILL provide you with everything that belongs in your life by
right of that choice.
You’ve been using your God-given power all your life, creating
new realities to suit your life as you’ve grown in consciousness. You’ve
also created your current reality by choosing who you would be in that
reality. You now have everything that belongs in the reality of your choice.
The only thing missing, up to now, has been your realization that you
created that reality with a BEING choice.
Still not laughing?
When did I realize I was God?
Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized
I was talking to myself.
–Peter O’Toole, The Ruling Class
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All this time, you’ve had the power to create your own reality and
have not given yourself credit for having that power. Do you see the
humor in that? You have used your great power to put yourself into a box
and you’re stuck in that box, because you don’t get that you created the
box you call reality.
You endure circumstances you don’t like, seeing yourself as a
victim, only because you haven’t allowed yourself to see that you created
those circumstances. That’s the joke, and I notice you are still not
laughing. Well, you may not want to hear this, but if you could laugh at
yourself about having misused your great power all these years, it would
mean you “got it,” and “getting it” is the real point of the Game of Life.
The cosmic joke
Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.
Italian Proverb
The joke is that, as an individualization of God, you have the power
of the Universe behind your “I am” statement, and you’ve used that power
to render yourself powerless. If you could somehow be a casual observer,
step back, be objective, and view your life from the outside looking in, you
would laugh at your predicament. Laughing at yourself gives you back
your power.
At the core, you are God individualized. On the surface you’re
playing a role and that role is a joke as long as you continue to see yourself
trapped in it. So, ask yourself which of the following statements fit you.
• You pray negative prayers and complain that God didn’t answer
your prayers. “I am poor” is a prayer; you chose your reality and
now you’re living it. God DID answer your prayers. That’s the
problem, and that’s why it’s funny.
• You push others away and complain that nobody loves you.
• You frown at the world and wonder why nobody’s smiling.
• You wait for your ship to come in when you didn’t send one out.
• You search for happiness when being happy is simply matter of
• You defend your current reality, even though it doesn’t give you
what you want from life.
If any of the above victim stories fit you, the first step in solving
your problem is to laugh at your predicament. When you can see the
humor in it, you have found your way out.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

Who would you be BEING?
You will find the solution to most problems in your answer to a
simple question that goes right to the heart of the matter. That question:
Who would you be BEING
if that were no longer a problem?
To test this question out, think about your worst problem. Got it?
Now, ask yourself that question. Who would I be BEING if that were no
longer the problem. Notice that the question takes you right past the
reasons for your problem to its solution. Think about this! If you allowed
yourself to BE as powerful as you really are (Being God individualized),
the problem would simply dissolve and disappear.
For example: I know someone who had a powerful fear of speaking
in public. Her question would have been, Who would I be BEING if my
fear of speaking in public were no longer my problem? She chose a new
BEING statement that would take her beyond that fear. Then, she joined
Toastmasters; six months later, she won a division speech contest.
My wife was deathly afraid of drowning. Her question would have
been, Who would I be BEING if I were no longer afraid of drowning? She
made up her mind to overcome her fear, took swimming lessons, and
solved her fear of water. Another example question that would fit a great
many people is, Who would I be BEING if money were no longer an issue?
If you think about it you can probably come up with many such
examples of someone you know solving their problem by changing who
they were BEING relative to their problem. So I repeat the question, “Who
would YOU be BEING if you no longer had that problem?” Really give
this some serious thought!
All the power you’ll ever need
Your purpose in this Game of Life is self-discovery. To accomplish
that mission, you will continue to use your creative powers over and over
again, each time gaining power, until the day when you “get” who you
really are—an individualization of God. You’ll “get it” in the process of
proving yourself to yourself.
You see, God gave you and I the power to choose who we would
BE, and that power is all we will ever need to create the reality of our
choice. I know this simple truth seems a little hard to believe, but your
only real job in this Game of Life is to choose and re-choose who you will
BE. God’s Law of Correspondence will take care of the rest.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com
You might want to notice that you’ve already done that. You’ve
chosen who you would be and already have everything that belongs in
your life by right of that choice.
The bait
Oh, I know there’s a lot of stuff you want that you don’t have, but
those goodies don’t really belong in your current reality; they don’t fit in
with who you are now BEING. That stuff you want is outside your reality,
baiting you to come out and get it.
That’s right! What you want from life, what you don’t have, will
always be outside the box. What you call reality is built around your selfconcept.
You built that reality by saying “I am” and completing the
sentence in so many ways that you wouldn’t believe it—until you begin to
pay attention. So, you might want to look back over your life and ask
yourself what “I am” statement you’ve used to create your current limiting
To learn the answer, you might want to monitor your own thoughts
and words. Take time out to notice how many times a day you say or
think, “I am,” each time reinforcing the status quo. (Your mind chatter
keeps you stuck in your box.) When you think thoughts like, “I’m poor;”
“I’m unlovable;” “I’m not good enough,” that’s the creative maintenance
power of your subconscious at work.
What most men pray when they pray to God
is that two and two may not make four
–Russian proverb
Is that your final answer?
In God’s game show, when you use your power to say, “I am
poor,” the game show host (God) says, “Is that your final answer?” When
you say “Yes,” God says, “You got it,” and what you’ve gotten for
yourself is a direct result of your “I am” statement.
Each time you catch yourself making an “I am” statement—and you
do this hundreds of times each day—ask yourself what you’ve created
with that thought and if that’s really what you want.
You say, “I’m sick and tired of this job,” and then you sit back and
wonder why you are always sick and tired. When you “get” that the pattern
of your thinking created the box in which you live, you will begin to see
how powerful you really are.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

“Why me, God?”
When I was a carpenter years ago, I carried a lunch box to work
each day and ate my lunch on the job site. One of my lunch companions
constantly complained about “These damn peanut butter and jelly
So, I asked him,
“Why don’t you have your wife fix something else?”
He answered,
“I don’t have a wife. I make my own sandwiches.”
You think that’s funny? The most important thing you could get
from this story is that you fixed your own lunch. You did that when you
chose who you would be. You did that when you chose how you would
think, act, and react to the circumstances in your life. If you are tired of
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fix a different lunch. Make a new
choice about who you will be, and one day soon, you will open your lunch
box to find a gourmet meal.
God did not intend that you be poor, only that you have the power
to choose who you would be and reap the consequences of that choice
without His interference. It’s up to you to discover your power and choose
who you will be, and it is God’s guarantee that you will get to experience
life from whatever point of view you’ve chosen. You live under a spiritual
law, The Law of Correspondence, that reads like this:
What you have in life
must correspond exactly to who you are.
–Darel Rutherford
That powerful law, dependable as the law of gravity, guarantees that you
will have from life whatever belongs to you by right of consciousness.
In the next chapter you will be given a way to picture the Game of Life so
that you’ll have a better understanding of how the game works and where
you stand in it.

If you can find the God inside of yourself,
you can find the God inside everybody.
–Stephen Levine
The task before you is nothing
compared to the great force behind you.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com
…for The Game of Life
You can almost never win
what you think you can’t afford to lose.
–Darel Rutherford
Your stake in the Game
Many years ago, I remember shooting craps with a man who
owned the company for which I worked as a carpenter. His strategy for
winning was to double his bet every time he lost. I don’t recommend that
strategy, but it worked for him. He almost always won because those he
played against were betting what they couldn’t afford to lose. Please get
that his greatest asset in the game was his winning attitude!
What you’re betting in the Game of Life
is your concept of reality—and that’s only an illusion.
–Darel Rutherford
If you can play life’s game having no attachment to the status quo,
no fear of giving up your point of view, you’ll win. If you can’t afford to
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

give up that idea in favor of better one, you may not move ahead to the
next level of the game, and you’ll lose. You’ll lose, because your bet in the
Game is something you’ve decided you can’t afford to lose. To win at the
Game of Life, detach yourself from the way it is and move on to the next
Creating a game board
You and I have been playing at this Game of Life, completing the
cycles of life’s game board without a clue that a game was in progress.
We’ve passed GO time after time in our lives, without once noticing that
we’ve been past this same point before. We’ve lived our lives, totally
unaware of the game and its true purpose.
In order to have a better idea about how the Game of Life works,
let’s create an imaginary gameboard. To get the picture, remember how
you played Monopoly as a child. You had your own uniquely-shaped piece
that you moved according to the number of spaces indicated by your roll
of the dice, and every time you passed “Go,” you got $200.
Our imaginary three-dimensional Game-of-Life board will be
spiral-shaped, like a road circling a mountain. The spaces on this
gameboard will be circles instead of squares, and each trip around the
cycle will take you to a different level in the Game of Life. So that you
will better understand the illustration on the next page, I will explain the
steps involved.

Destroy In this step you will detach yourself from
Attachments: whatever you’ve been afraid to lose.
Start: This is where you will create your vision of a new and
better reality.

Transformation: Here, you will choose a new way of BEING in the new
BE: For this step, you will practice BEING the new you in
the new reality.
DO: Then, you will be DOING what must be done in order
to have.

HAVE: At this point you would be having what you wanted
from life. But this is the end, not the beginning. To
make it to the next level, you must again detach
yourself from your having.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com
When you can accept this overview of your life, you’ll better
understand the process that will move you to the next level of
consciousness, where you get to have what you want from life.
Each trip around this spiral-shaped game board represents a level
of consciousness, and at the beginning of each game board level we find a
circle marked “Transformation.” In life’s game, transformation is like GO
in the game of Monopoly. The rules in the Game of Life require that you
make a new BEING choice (pass GO) in order to move to the next level of
In this Game of Life, your self-concept (your perception of
yourself) will determine the shape and size of your piece. And the size of
your piece (your level of consciousness) will determine at which level you
can play the game. You can’t play the game without a piece (you need
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

your ego to play the game) and you can’t pass Go (be transformed) until
you expand the size of your piece (grow in consciousness). Get the
The purpose of the Game
One of the problems most students of metaphysics have with the
idea of becoming rich is that they think of themselves as being on a
spiritual journey that would be sidetracked by choosing to be wealthy. I
agree that the purpose of life is not about becoming rich.
Instead, our true purpose in life is that we discover who we really
are. But becoming rich in all ways is an important part of the selfdiscovery
process. I’m here to tell you that the journey out of poverty into
a life of abundance is a spiritual journey. You can’t change from a poverty
consciousness into a prosperity consciousness without increasing your
awareness of that greater power within you, thereby fulfilling life’s
purpose of self-discovery.
It is in being transformed that we discover who we are. We grow
in consciousness by choosing to BE the one who can handle whatever
problems we face. Then, by rising above the problem, we become a living
demonstration of that choice. Your job in the Game of Life is to choose
who you will be and then to master that role, experiencing life fully from
that point of view.
To win at the game of life, maintain this overview—
My reality is nothing more than a point of view.
When I change my point of view, my reality will change
To play in the game and win, you must understand that your
purpose is to discover your true identity as God individualized. You do
that by making new BEING choices and then by being and becoming that
choice (growing into the role).
Playing out the role is important; you must allow the time to grow
into the role you’ve chosen. But to win at the game, you must maintain an
overview that allows you to see that it’s your ego, not the real you, playing
out the role. You are not your ego. You are the one who wrote the script;
ego merely plays out the role as you’ve written it. And when you want
something you don’t have, you must be aware that a transformation in
consciousness is the only way you can have it. You’ll be writing a new
script by making a new BEING choice.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com
Not about having
You must know that you can’t play at the next level of the game
until you give up your attachment to the level you will leave behind.
The beginning and the end
reach out their ends to each other
–Chinese proverb
Each time around the cycle, you will be trading in your old piece
in order to play at that new level. You can’t have what you want without
being transformed. When you keep the purpose of the game in mind, you
will know that the winning at each level was not your gain in material
wealth or in achieving a desired end, but in your transformation in
If you’re like most of us, your awareness of the presence of God in
you is an intellectual understanding, not an experiential knowing.
We are wiser than we know
–Ralph Waldo Emerson
You won’t really know who you are experientially until you’ve
proven yourself to yourself in the being and becoming process—until you
can feel it and know it in your heart and be excited about the new you.
You can only find your power by using it. Each time brings you to a new
level of certainty about who you are.
Up till now, you’ve used your power unconsciously. Up to now,
you’ve misused your power and reaped unwelcome consequences. All of
this unhappiness because you didn’t know the rules of the game. As you
can see, you’ve been playing the game with a gigantic handicap.
You can’t win if . . .
• You don’t know you’re playing a game
• You don’t know the purpose of the game
• You don’t know the rules
Nature delights in punishing stupid people.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Consequences of being ignorant:
…examples of not winning
• If you think you’re dumb, you are.
• If you think you are ugly, you are.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

• If you believe you are powerless, you are.
• If you think you’re a victim, you are.
• If you believe the rich are the bad guys, they are.
• If you expect to be poor, you will be.
• If you think there’s no way out, there isn’t.
Ignorance is voluntary misfortune.
Italian proverb
Ironic, isn’t it?—that we can be so powerful and yet so unaware of
our power. Because you have the power, whatever you choose to believe
becomes your reality. Your problem is that you haven’t a clue that you
have that power, and that you’ve used your power to create the swamp in
which your alligators live—the ones that keep biting you in the rump.
From nature expect no punishment
…we reap only consequences.
–Darel Rutherford
The game is set up so that you must reap the consequences of your
choices. You must live with the alligators until you choose to pull the plug
and drain the swamp.
What it takes to win
To win, you must learn to play at life as if it were a game, having a
winning attitude as you play, because you have nothing of real value to
lose. To win, you must keep in mind that you are an individualization of
God with the power to create your own reality. Your mission is to find that
power within yourself and feel powerful! You will be creating new
realities for yourself from time to time in order to grow, for it is in growing
that you win.
Winning requires an overview that allows you to know that you
are not your game piece, that you are the one rolling the dice and moving
the piece. Winning comes from knowing you are not your ego and from
being in charge of your life. Winning comes with knowing that nothing of
great value is at stake with each roll of the dice other than giving up your
current concept of reality in favor of your growing in consciousness.
The game is played in four stages
1. A new BEING choice gets you past GO and starts you down the path
of a new cycle in the game.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com
2. The next stage of your trip around the cycle is the being and becoming
part, where you work at becoming the one who will have what you
3. The third stage of your trip around the cycle is the having part.
Contrary to popular opinion, HAVING is the end of the cycle, not the
4. The fourth and most difficult stage of your trip around the cycle is
taken when you painfully detach yourself from whatever you’ve
become attached to in your current reality. Destroying your attachment
is the thorniest part of the game. Just know that you can’t stay attached
and fulfill the game’s purpose.
One must learn how to lose
before learning how to play.
–Mexican proverb
These are the rules of the game
• To win, you must become more aware of who you are.
• A new round starts with wanting something you don’t have.
• Your desire for more causes you to rediscover your power of
• You must choose to BE the one who will have what you want.
• You must choose a new way of BEING in that new reality.
• You must play out whatever role you’ve chosen to play.
• You develop your new reality through being and becoming.
• You suffer the consequences of poor choices and learn from your
• You must pass GO (be transformed) in order to play at the next
• You must be transformed in order to have what you want from
• You must trade in your old piece in order to play at the next level.
• To move on, you must detach yourself from the old role you were
playing and all that stuff you’ve accumulated.
• The winning at each level is your transformation in consciousness.
Well, now you know you’re playing a game; you know the
purpose of the game, and you know the rules. You also know how
powerful you are. Putting that knowledge to work means exercising your
power of choice. Now that you know all of that, are you ready to choose?
Probably not.
© Darel Rutherford – All Rights Reserved — www.beingsolution.com

In chapter 5, you would have learned what stands between you and
choosing out of your box. But this where chapter four ends. To learn why
you fizzled out in the becoming rich process, you’ll need to buy the book
to read chapter 5 and the other 15 Chapters.
But this I’ll promise you:
No matter what your problem, whether it be with poor health, unhappy
relationships, money problems or a lack of confidence, the only possible
solution is a BEING Solution.
The next sixteen chapters of BEING THE SOLUTION will take you by
the hand and lead you through the nine steps to the BEING change that
will transform the quality of your life forever. And just in case you can’t
imagine what that would look like…
Here are just a few of the things that could
change in your life as a result of reading on:
You would:
• Know what you want from life AND BE ABLE TO CHOOSE IT
• Replace your self-doubt with self-confidence
• Finally take charge of your destiny
• Know the nine steps for transforming the quality of your life
• Create a prosperity consciousness that attracts money
• Create the Burning Desire that motivates your success
• Power Pause your way past your barrier to becoming rich
• Learn to multiply your personal power in a support group
• Turn your unhappy relationship into a loving relationship
• Create a closer connection to your inner power
• Solve your relationship problems with a new agreements
• Deal with life as a daring adventure.