Your Personal Development Course Goal  –

The first session of the course will include a brief message from Darel to explain how and why the process used in the Personal Development Course works, and to acquaint you with Course logistics, the transformational value of Powerpacts and the importance of being coached weekly throughout the 16-week process.

When this introductory part of the call is completed, we’ll have maybe 35 minutes left for goal setting and that’s the main focus for this first session of the Course. You will be sharing with the rest of us what you intend to manifest during the 16 weeks of the Course.

Prior to the Course call you’ll want to get clear about your intention so that you can share your commitment in less than two minutes. It might help if you’d write it down and practice reading it aloud so you’ll be fully prepared. Darel wants to make sure the goal you choose can be accomplished in 16 weeks. He will work with you and help you adjust your goal if he thinks you may have chosen a goal too far out of your box and beyond your own ability to believe.

In this Course we show you how powerful you really are. We know that once you make a solid committed BEING choice, the intended results must manifest because you are an individualization of God. We expect you to prove that to us and yourself with manifested results during this Course.

The size of your goal? There is no limit to what you can manifest except the one you’ve placed on yourself. But there is a limit and you set that restriction on yourself by deciding what you believe about your manifesting powers.

You will raise the limit on what you believe possible by choosing a goal that’s outside your box. You’ll be choosing intended results that are outside your comfort zone, but not so far out that you don’t believe it can and will happen.

That’s the number one rule in goal setting. You will manifest results only at the level of your belief in what’s possible for you. So, if you are not convinced it will happen, it won’t. Your tricky ego will suggest a goal too far out of your box and you must resist that urge. Choose a goal that’s a baby step toward your ultimate goal.

It’s good to have a long term goal in mind, one that keeps you focused on where you’ll end up, but for this 16 week Course, you’ll only be taking a baby step in that direction. If you reach your goal before the end of the Course, you can set a bigger goal then.

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Please don’t discount the value of baby step goals. Your goal size will increase exponentially with each workshop and each new goal set. For example if you were to increase your income by only 30% every 90 days for three years, at the end of that period, your income would be 65 times what it is now.

The size of your manifestation this time around is not the important factor. What’s important is that you be able to step back at the end of ten weeks and be able to say to yourself, “Wow, I really am that powerful!” The next time around maybe you can double your current goal size.

Let us know immediately if you think you need help during your goal setting process and we will assign you a temporary coach to help you set your goal.