Would you still choose to play it safe? To win at the Game of Life, you must acquire the gung-ho, can-do attitude of a winner.

And that attitude change won’t happen for you while you hide out in your box. The success you want from life can only be found outside your box while on one of life’s daring adventures.

We go through life avoiding pain, afraid of life outside our box. We live and move and experience BEING safe as our egos. Our ego’s main function in life is to maintain the status quo. And it accomplishes that mission by keeping you trapped in your box, avoiding change.

Being born was a painful experience and from that day forward we’ve made it our mission in life to avoid pain. We’ve been survival animals from the get go.

From that first day when we began to think or reason, we began the process of figuring out how the world works. And from the age of three on we came to a great many conclusions about the way life always is or never is. Those conclusions are now the stories that run our lives.

So, from the beginning, we’ve been teaching ourselves how to hide out in our box, playing it safe, surviving in what we had come to believe was a threatening environment. But we got it all wrong from the beginning. Our ego’s play it safe game plan has set us on the wrong path for succeeding in life.

A famous person, Helen Keller, once said, “life is either a daring adventure or it’s nothing. And I say Keller’s proclamation is the ultimate choice in life for all of us, to live our lives as the daring adventure or resign ourselves to the nothing experience.

Can you even imagine how empowered you’d be and how much the quality of your life would improve, if you were no longer afraid? During Wednesday’s talk with Darel, you’ll learn a simple easy to use process for making your fears go away.

You’ll find the new discussion format more exciting, interesting and informative. We’ll be discussing your real problems in a way that has you walking away with solutions.

I won’t be giving a long-winded speech with questions later, but rather we’ll have an interactive dialogue together if you are willing to share problems and ask questions. If what I’m saying conflicts with something you believe, you will be able to raise your hand to ask for an example or clarification.

Come to the call ready to discuss your fear of life outside your box or any other problems. Come ready to learn how to solve any and all problems including health, wealth and relationship problems.