Relationships with Asli Ipek – COMING SOON!


Starts November 4th.  8 week course.

Group Hypnosis sessions:
(RTT:Rapid Transformational Therapy)


1) Regression : Discovering the root of your issues, blocks, limiting believes, where you sabotage yourself about relationships
2) Reframe : Removing the old limiting believes
3) Transformation : Programming the mind with new freeing believes, self love, self esteem, confidence and allowing to be the authentic self


Weekly Learnings, Exercises and Home-works:


  • Setting up goals
  • Relationship with yourself
  • Creating your ideal relationship
  • Upgrading your Relationships
  • Silent Agreements
  • Rules of the mind
  • Understanding levels of the energy (Frequencies)
  • Energy Vampires
  • Identifying your secret Gains&Benefits
  • Ego traps and how to deal with them
  • Law of attraction and Law of Allowing
  • ABC of deliberate Creation
  • Self Worth & Self Esteem
  • Criticism vs. Feedback
  • Balance of Giving &Taking
  • Toleration


Life time access to the hypnosis recording that re-wires your mind to be open to receive and give the highest frequencies of love, to be confident and to acquire a phenomenal self love and self esteem


All attendees gets a free private coaching session


Weekly Zoom meetings on Thursdays at 12:00pm - 01:00pm EST

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