law-of-attractionRight now, you could make a new BEING choice, a decision about how you are going to feel about your life and what you will think about it, and that will manifest any reality you dream up. Your new BEING commitment will automatically attract whatever belongs with that way of BEING.

This is the second rule to understanding the Source and how you create your life. It is called the, “Attraction Principle”, and it states that we automatically attract who and what belongs in our reality by our way of thinking—that’s our BEING attitude.

Remember, we become what we think about. When you truly understand the power of your thoughts and your God power within, you will realize this truth without needing to question it or obsess over it. In fact, if you are worrying about the outcome in your life, or you are stressing about the “how”, after you have decided who you are going to be, then you are actually sending the Universe the message that you do not believe in your own God power.

Your disbelief, which shows up as worry, doubt, fear, neediness, and wanting, actually negates the fact that you are a powerful BEING, and you keep what you desire far away from your grasp. You need to let go in order to attract it, and make the room to receive your new life. It is that simple!

You can’t do it alone though. You need support. It is hard for us to remove ourselves from our way of thinking and behaving, but others can help us with that, and my 16 Week Personal Development Course is designed to give you the unconditional love and support you need to become the person you always wanted to BE.