Letting-GoThere is an irony to life that says the more you obsess about something, the more you absolutely NEED to have it, the least likely you are to get it.

Why is that?

Well one of the “Laws of Nature” happens to be, “If you need it, you can’t have it but when you no longer need it you can have all you want.” When you want something so bad you can taste it, you’ll be screwed out of having it, because caring too much about the outcome makes you needy and that sends a withdraw resources message to the Source.

One of life’s greatest paradoxes is that, as soon as you’ve made it okay not to have what you want, you can have it in abundance.

Think about how many times you have seen this happen. Why does being needy block the flow? You are an individualization of God with awesome manifesting powers. BEING needy denies your God power, making you powerless. When you are powerless, you shift into the role of the victim, and you cannot own your life experiences from that place.

But what if you decided to claim what you want, knowing you are a full individualized reflection of God, and then step into your power and let it go?

The Source always says yes, so you would have what you most wanted by releasing it into the power of something bigger than just your human ego mind. Find the power to let go, and you will start living the life you always wanted.