You who have this problem, when you live your life under the ‘Spenders Law of Money’ , which says that no matter how much you make, your expenses will always rise to meet the level of your income.

Have you ever wondered why that is? This type of person thinks being rich is just about spending the money. They tend to spend their cash flow as soon as it comes in, feeling rich only when they are spending it. Then they become upset when they run out of money, and end up feeling bad about it, telling themselves that they are poor.

It’s cyclical. The false sense of being rich because you think it’s about spending money AND the story you tell yourself about who you are when it runs out create this roller coaster of rich and poor.

The next step in this is using credit, and spending before the money comes in. And these two ways of relating to our money do not create prosperity in our lives. What does? Keep following me on my blog for more highlights from my book, “To God or As God”.