Shifting-Fear-to-ExcitementWhat do you think one of the biggest blocks is from reaching the goals in your life and the way you want to be? You are right, it is your FEAR.

When you look more closely at the constructs of fear, how it affects the body and the story you tell yourself about it, you will realize that it is in your mind.

The thing you actually fear is not a reality for you, and you are stuck in the stagnation of the fear and the projection of how you think it will affect your life.

When you make it okay to embrace your fear and what it could mean in your life, you take the charge out of it and it shifts. You must look at the pain you think the fear of whatever it is you are afraid of will produce, and go into that with all of your being. When you make it okay to embrace the fear and the projected consequences, you then transform it, and you can move forward.