imagesWhen you make a choice about who you are going to BE, you are automatically confronted with your ego, which contains all the self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings you have made about yourself.

You’ll find that changing of your point of view is a much easier task if you can think of your ego as an idea come to life—a perception of reality that’s now in charge  and being demonstrated as your life.

For your ego to survive in and as that perceived reality, your self-concept and your Belief System must remain intact. Ego’s job is to keep that perceived reality intact. Ego’s defense system is, for the ego, a life or death matter. When you try to change your point of view, your ego knows that it must die in order to be reborn into that new consciousness.

One example in how this plays out is in your decision to be rich or poor. If you have been following my blogs, then you know that being poor (or rich) is a state of BEING, a way you choose to filter your perceptions, feelings and thoughts , as opposed to do and have. If you have not chosen to be rich, then there are some possible reasons for choosing to be poor. Let’s take a look at some of them here:

  •         Your self-worth wouldn’t allow it
  •          Rich didn’t fit who you’ve chosen to be
  •          You were afraid that, in trying, you might fail
  •          Being successful might take you out of your box

Very simply put, these ideas you carry about yourself are your concept of yourself and who you think you are, but the truth is, you are far more than what your mind tells you. In fact, the mind chatter that holds you back comes in two direct forms, self-doubt and what I like to call, B.S., or Belief System.

You are bound to confront this part of yourself when you take on transforming your life. In fact, when you do experience this, it comes as a form of resistance, either in your mind, your gut, your feelings, or your external reality. By bringing gentle self-awareness and acceptance to it, you have a chance to transform your concept of self.