Mastering the Tools Class with Polly B & Asli

Next class starts: July 7th, 2022 - 12:00pm et Class format: Polly and Asli teach each session over a 10 week period on Zoom. Classes last one hour and meets once per week.
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In Just 8 weeks I have learned more about Darel’s Tools thru the Master Tools Class that would have taken me years or a lifetime to learn. I have my Being Power….. Thanks to Polly

– Ken Price

Mastering the Tools Class

Key topics we will be covering

  • Learn why Champions operate daily from Being Choices.
  • Understanding your “Power tools” are the blueprint for a strong foundation and a world class life.
  • Using the right tool for the job creates consistency, efficiency, abundance and measurable results
  • The 12 being tools + additional tools not covered in class one

Class Presenters:


Polly Bauer:

Polly Bauer is an internationally recognized finance expert who was mentored  by Darel Rutherford  for over 10 years. She is a Best Selling Author, Certified Professional Corporate Speaker,  Master Prosperity Teacher , and Past President and CEO of The Home Shopping Network Credit Corporation where she managed a $960 million dollar portfolio for a billion dollar company.   Polly is dedicated to sharing the advanced tools she mastered while working with Darel Rutherford that guided her success.


Asli Ipek:

Asli Ipek is a expert personal development coach and well known international leader in the Personal Development arena.  Her gifts of being   certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and in Hypnotherapy has served many entrepreneurs and business professionals alike to break through their barriers to open doors to a healthier happier life… based on the teachings of Darel Rutherford. 



My Values & Beliefs

Lessons Learned in Mastering the Tools:

1. How current thoughts and actions may be restricting your income

2. Why clear and live communication is key to your success

3. How to attract the perfect clients to your services

4. Why gratitude is a tool that world class leaders use daily

5. How to stop letting your ego make decisions for your business/and your life

6. Why recreation and play increase your cash flow

7. Each day your life reflects your belief system

8. Change your beliefs equals changing your life rapidly

9. What other people think of you is none of your business

“This mastering tools class taught by Polly was amazing. She is a phenomenal teacher and I appreciated the passion and enthusiasm she brought to leading each call. There are breakthroughs of tools I’ve heard of and used, but now at a deeper level. I will forever be grateful of this course.“

– Corey Reels

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