“The Source Always Says Yes” An Introduction to the Teachings of Darel


This 8 week interactive course will introduce you to the concepts of Darel’s teachings. You will learn specific ways to put these teachings into practice in your daily life. In this course you will set a goal or goals for the 8 week period, and then learn how to apply the tools and teachings designed by Darel to help you reach your goal. Next course starts Wednesday May 26, 2021.

This course will have 1 one-hour group call weekly. It’s an interactive call, designed to get you involved with putting the teachings into practice. You will also get one coaching session with your instructor during the course. There are weekly course readings and email reminders as well.

You will learn:
– why so many people fail when they set goals
– the Powerpause: a powerful tool to help you manifest your goals
– how to set goals that are the right amount of stretch for the time frame, to greatly increase the chances of achieving them
– what the main obstacle is to achieving any goal, and how to manage it

The course is offered by experienced coaches of Darel’s courses.


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